Monitoring and assessment of military capacity-building support to                         Troop Contributing Countries in the context of United Nations                                                             Peacekeeping Operations

                                                      - Survey -

This survey is the first step of a study undertaken by the Light Coordination Mechanism (LCM), which will focus on how Member States monitor and assess military capacity-building support provided to troop contributing countries (TCCs) in the context of United Nations (UN) peacekeeping operations. Its aim is to identify lessons learned and best practices, and to make recommendations to capacity-building providers.    

Your participation on a voluntary-basis in this survey is a key aspect of the study, as it will allow to obtain a better understanding of the scale and nature of Member States' role in military capacity-building support to TCCs (as providers or recipients), the ways and means of evaluating short and long-term impact of this support, and the successes and challenges encountered in doing so. 

For the purpose of this survey, we will be looking at different categories of capacity-building support: training, lessons learned, mentoring, advise and assist, equipment, infrastructure, logistics and financial support. 

For any questions with this survey, please contact Sophie Aloë at

The LCM is part of the Division for Policy, Evaluation and Training (DPET) in the Department of Peace Operations (DPO).                                                          

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